Sarah (hedgerose) wrote in celtic_camp,

Calling all TAs!!

Hallo, campers!!

This is a reminder that all TA-wannabes need to write to Shelley before the first of April to tell her how much she wants to hire them. This also applies for people doing work-study who are over 18 but don't meet the TA requirements (which are school or independent living). IM/e-mail me if you need the address.

Also, it looks like Eilis will be back this year, and David will not. *happy/sad face.* I think that's it, and I'll see all of you at camp, if not before!

Oh! And I assume that everyone actually does want a TA hunt this year-- Laurel, can you talk to your mom and make sure it gets on the schedule? We'll need an hour or two, probably after ensemble, to do it properly. Thanks!


(p.s.: who wants to come busking with me on Saturday? I kind desperately need money.)
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